Sell my stuff, Sell gold, Sell antiques, Auction house Chertsey, Ebay shop Chertsey, Surrey


Household & general Items
Small items or large items if left with client
Large items collected & stored (furniture, appliances etc)
£0.00 - £999.99
£1,000.00 +

Clothing- Mens, Ladies and Children
All items
£0.00 - £999.99

Please note any items unsold after 2 listings will incur a handling fee of 5 per item/lot. For stored items, this will be charged per week until items have been returned to owner.

Vehicles, Caravans, boats & Commercials
Cost inclusive of visit to site
10 day (max) Auction
£0.00 - £1,999.99
£75.00 per listing
£2,000.00 - £3,499.99
£80.00 per listing
£3,500.00 - £9,999.99
£90.00 per listing
£110.00 per listing
28 day Classified Ad
Any price
£65.00 per listing



• The £bay Shop are officially registered trading assistants for ebay and are bound by the terms and conditions of selling on ebay. We are not employees or contracted by ebay.

• All items will be assessed for condition and saleability. We reserve the right to decline any items that we consider unsaleable or of substandard condition in order to avoid dissatisfied buyers and subsequent returns.

• All items remain the property of the client until paid for by the ebay buyer. We reserve the right to request proof of identity from the client.

By requesting us to sell your items, you agree all items are solely owned by you (the Client) and you are giving us permission to sell these items on your behalf. In the event that any item is questioned, your details will be passed to the appropriate authorities.

We do not assume any responsibility for the condition or the origin of the items and will not be held liable should any item be found to be counterfeit or not to the standard as described to us by the client.
Any item returned by the buyer due to undeclared damage or functionality will be subject to a return handling fee which will be determined by actual outgoing and return postage costs.

Any unsold items must be collected within 7 days of auction end otherwise you will be charged storage fees of £5 per item. Uncollected items will be disposed of at our discretion after 28 days.


Sell my stuff, Sell gold, Sell antiques, Auction house Chertsey, Ebay shop Chertsey, Surrey